Chateau of Coppet

Vaud, Switzerland


A Foundation for the Castle

Since the 14th of July 2008, a Foundation of Swiss right assures the protection of the Château de Coppet and its access, the only private "Vaudois" castle still inhabited, and open to the public from Spring until Autumn.

The Castle has remained since 1784 in the hands of the direct descendants of Jacques Necker, Financial Minister to the French King Louis XVI, and Father of the writer Madame de Staël.

The Comte d'Haussonville, wishing to guarantee access and a stable income, as the castle does not receive any official grants thus created in 2008 the «Fondation Othenin d'Haussonville pour le rayonnement de l'esprit de Coppet» to which he left the use of his Castle, its collections and its grounds.
As a result of its status, the foundation organises and supports various manifestations, of cultural and artistic nature, which emphasize the castle and its inhabitants.

At the turn of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, Coppet's Castle became one of the most important centre of intellect in Europe.

It perpetuated the good relations between the castle and the commune of Coppet.

Its founder and first chairman, the Comte d'Haussonville, sadly died in April 2014; his memory shall always remain present, within the walls which he lovingly restored, and kept alive with great passion.

The Foundation still follows its initial purpose, and withholds patronage from various personalities, linked with culture and heritage.

The foundation Council is as follows:

  • President: M. Andreas Locher, President of Domus Antiqua Helvetica Vaud and Oron's Castle, vice president of the association of Vaud Castles, former dean of the college Auguste Piccard.

  • Vice president and Treasurer: Ms Amélie Cherbuin, Deputy at the Vaud Council, communal counsellor, and past president of the communal council. 

  • Secretary: M. Vincent Lieber, conservateur du château de Nyon,

  • M. Pierre-André Romanens, deputy at Vaud's Great Council, entrepreneur and past syndic of Coppet 

  • M. Serge Schmidt, Deputy at the Vaud Council, and President of Variations Musicales of Tannay.

  • Ms Ninon Pulver Piccot, avocate et municipale à Tannay

Ms Céline Guignard is the manager of the Château de Coppet.

Recognized as a pure non-profit entity, the Foundation can receive donations from individuals and companies, deductable from their income.

For any additional information, please contact us at the following address