Chateau of Coppet

Vaud, Switzerland


Le château propose 6 lieux disponibles à la location pour vos évènements, offrant ainsi 6 ambiances différentes.

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List of the rooms:

    • The Colomn's room (Old Stables ground floor)
    • The Baron's room (Old Stables first floor)
    • The Old Press room
    • The Wine-Grower's room
    •  The Cellars

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The Old Stables:
They are located in the left-wing building that surrounds the entrance court of the castle, and are composed of two seperated floors.

The room of the columns on the ground: With its original atmosphere preserved, its stalls and vaulted ceiling are supported by four columns.

It Can Host
120 personnes pour un cocktail
80 personnes pour  un repas assis

First floor, the Baron's room is opulent, with its apparent frame, and the walls are decorated with coats of arms of the old barons of Coppet.

It Can Host
150 guests for a cocktail
100 personnes pour un repas assis

On the first floor, the baron's room is opulent, with its apparent frame, and the walls are decorated with the coat of arms of the former barons of Coppet.

The right wing building also hosts two rooms, with the Old Press on the ground floor. You can actually see at the extremity the actual old wine-press with its rock base. This a versatile room, perfect for all sorts of gatherings. ​

It Can Host

200 personnes pour un cocktail
150 personnes pour un repas assis
150 personnes pour un concert ou une conférence

First floor, you'll find the Wine-makers Room. Also presenting a beautiful wooden framework that blends in perfectly with the stone walls for some authentic and warm feeling.

It Can Host :
120 invités pour un cocktail
100 pour un repas assis

Les caves

Plus d’invités que ces salles ne peuvent en contenir? Voici les caves du château. L’une des plus importantes dans le canton de Vaud, elles peuvent également être utilisés pour des dégustations ou des réceptions originales..

It Can Host
280 personnes pour un cocktail
200 personnes pour un repas assis


Le parking de la gare de Coppet peut accueillir plus de 100 voitures.