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Fondation Othenin d'Haussonville

Rue de la Gare 2

Case Postale 44
1296 Coppet


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Vaud, Switzerland

Since its 13th Century foundations, the Château de Coppet has seen many changes throughout different periods in history and has been home to numerous notable inhabitants.

One period, however, is more important than any other, that of Jacques Necker, Minister of Finance to Louis XVI and of his daughter Germaine, who would later become known as Madame de Staël. Today she is remembered as one of the most influential people to have lived in a turbulent period of history spanning the French Revolution and the eventual demise of the Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte.


A great intellectual and literary figure, essayist and prolific writer, she was banished from Paris and forced into exile by Napoléon, who was weary of Madame de Staël's intelligence and her association with the great intellectual thinkers of the day.


As a result, the Chateau de Coppet became both a prison and a refuge where Mme de Stäel lived, surrounded and supported by the famous ‘Groupe de Coppet’.


A collection of textiles, fine furniture, books and walls adorned with exceptional hangings and portraits, together with the very human story of the people who lived in this fine Chateau lead us to discover life «behind the Scenes» for our great Châtelaine whose brilliant mind, wit and well-known spirit are still felt to linger on.


We look forward to welcoming you to a personal story and to a delightful discovery of a fascinating and rich panoply of historical events.